Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing Haven Vigano and Angel Santos

We would like to welcome two high school students, Haven Vigano and Angel Santos, to share a little about themselves with us. Haven is a senior from a school in Tallahassee Florida and Angel is a junior from a school in Atlanta Georgia.

Welcome and let’s get started.

Interviewer: Do you both enjoy going to school?

Haven: Actually this is my first time going to school. I was home schooled until now. Can you believe I asked to be sent to a place where you have to ask to use the restroom? What’s up with that? Also, not a big fan of gossip.

Angel: I agree with Haven about gossip. I’m also not a big fan of the whole ‘popularity thing.’ But I’m a straight A student, so the works not hard. Staying low-key with a popularity hungry best friend is a major headache. No way would I have chosen going to school over being home school though.

Haven: Oh, I wouldn’t have. Trust me. I would’ve loved to have skipped the entire school experience, but circumstances forced my hand. That’s all I can say about that.

Interviewer: Okay, a bit cryptic, but we’ll move on. What do you both like to do for fun?

Angel: Watch TV.

Haven: I like to hang out with my cousin Angela sometimes, but mostly I like to go to my secret hang out spot and read.

Interviewer: What about going out with friends? Do either of you date?

Haven: I don’t really have any friends. Not really the friend having type. As for dating, wasn’t really the dating type, but you know, hormones and all.

Angel: I don’t date. My goal is to slide through my teenage years with no drama. From what I’ve seen, dating brings drama. And I only have one friend, Alice. Yeah, I go to parties and stuff with Alice, but I thought the question was, ‘what do you like to do for fun.’ Hanging out with Alice at her place or mine, is fun. Hanging out with Alice outside of the house, isn’t.

Interviewer: I see. I’m getting the feeling both of you are a bit antisocial?

Angel and Haven: Yes.

Interviewer: Moving on. How far would either of you go to defend your convictions?

Angel: I believe right is right and wrong is wrong. I don’t believe in allowing people to get away with things that are wrong simply because it would make things easier for you. If I think the principle at my school is wrong, I’d let her know. If that gets me suspended, then I just get suspended. I don’t back down when I think I’m right. And I don’t walk away when I see something going on that I think is wrong.

Haven: Well, I mean, I would defend my convictions as long as it doesn’t get me into trouble. I love my dad, and I know he loves me, but, yeah, the man scares the crap out of me. So, as long as I don’t have to deal with my dad, I’m all about convictions.

Interviewer: Have either of you ever done anything you are ashamed of?

Haven: Decided to go to high school because of a boy.

Angel: Really? That’s why you’re going to school instead of being home schooled? Come on.

Haven: It’s complicated. Plus, I did just say I’m ashamed of it. Trust me, if you would have told me a year ago I would be crushing so hard on a boy I’d follow him to school, I would’ve laughed in your face, then never spoken to you again. [sigh] Life is complicated.

Interviewer: What about you Angel?

Angel: I’m not ashamed of anything. But I do have a regret.

Interviewer: Would you be willing to share that?

Angel: I hurt the most important person to me, because of my convictions. I wish I would have walked away then. I really don’t want to talk about it.

Interviewer: What fears do either of you have?

Haven: I’m afraid of being a disappointment. I use sarcasm to deflect, but I think I’ll never be who I’m supposed to be, or how some people think I am.

Angel: I’m not afraid of anything. I simply don’t want responsibility or attention. I don’t want to ever be who I used to be.

Interviewer: Describe your family and friends? Are you successful in maintaining these relationships?

Angel: I’ve already told you about Alice, my one and only friend. She is cool, but she has this four-point-plan to make us popular. I think she cares too much about other people’s opinions. But I love her and she loves me. We have our problems. But I think there is nothing we can’t deal with. I have a great relationship with my parents and my little brother. My dad works a lot, but when he’s there, we all get along. I’m happy at home.

Haven: My family is a little more intense. And, my little bother hates my guts. My mom died while giving birth to me, and I think deep inside my father blames me for it. We have an awkward relationship. Actually, the only person in my family I get along with is my cousin Angela. She’s my rock. But I’d never tell her that. As for everyone else, I maintain a relationship with them by staying away from them.

Interviewer: Okay, a couple fun questions before the last question. Let’s start with favorite movie right now?

Haven: Right now, I’d have to say Veronika Decides to Die. The book is amazing also. I think I’ve seen the movie and read the book a hundred times.

Angel: Definitely Hanna. Although I wish they would have let her fight more. They need to do a sequel.

Interviewer: Favorite TV show right now?

Angel: The Vampire Diaries. I love any shows with vampires.

Haven: Supernatural. I like how they’ve brought in angels lately.

Interviewer: Last question. What do both of you hope your lives will be like in ten years?

Haven: Filled with responsibilities I can handle with ease.

Angel: Uneventful. Completely boring.

Thank you both for answering my questions and sharing a little about yourselves with us. I wish you all well, and I hope the readers have gained an insight into both Haven Vigano and Angel Santos.